Looking for Indian home decor and gifts? Vintage Vistha is the perfect camaraderie between modern needs, decor and Indian traditional art and crafts. Arpita Sahu, founder of Vintage Vistha who quit her well paying  Corporate job to support the livelihood of so many talented artists and craftsmen based in remote areas of India believes in creating contemporary functional artifacts for home decor using traditional Indian art and crafts. The idea is to suit the modern taste of today's generation yet keep our tradition alive. This combination makes Vintage Vistha products stand apart. All the products are hand painted or handcrafted and takes days to produce a finished product. For instance, Pattachitra dates back to the 5th Century but still confines to painting on the wall,the idea is to create functional artifacts using this art which people can adorn their walls with and find use at the same time. There is always so much more in India and about India to show to the world that Vintage Vistha continuously works on. VINTAGE VISTHA curates an extensive collection of furnishings, apparel and home goods that constantly evolves to fit the customers’ needs but are based on our roots - The traditional Indian art forms. Once you find what you’re looking for, we guarantee a smooth checkout and delivery experience with 24/7 support.



VINTAGE VISTHA is the ultimate home goods destination based on handpainted homedecor, and continues to grow each day. Our online store is truly a place for discovering unique decor and home accessories. Our customers can count on us to expect the unexpected; we are fun, quirky, know how to add personality to everyday items, and add spice to your home. Browse through our site now and see all that we have to offer.