The value of handmade products: A worthwhile investment.

The value of handmade products: A worthwhile investment.


In this high end techno equipped world the demand for handmade products are dying out. We as the present gen have to understand that possession of handmade products will not only support the makers but also it give us the taste of having something of unique craftsmanship, something so distinct that no one else can have access to. As the demand of these products are descending along the time, price hikes are natural and predictable.

Let's dive deep into this matter and let's indulge ourselves to figure out all the aspects of it. When we usually see the higher price tags of the handmade items, the very first thought that comes to all of our minds, that is kinda crazy to pay such price for these goods or items. Now let's just take a few steps back for a moment and try to grasp the intensity of the maker of this product, try to imagine for much works of practice, number of effort, hours and hours of refining the skills they must of gone through to skillfully sculpture or create an unique piece of work with so much attention for details, showcasing unparalleled individuality each and every time that their mass-producing counterparts could never manufacture.

An artist always treats it's piece of arts as it's own skin and blood, prioritizing quality over quantity by utilizing premium materials and enforcing intricate age old techniques that eventually contribute to the product's durability and endurance. As it's a known fact that the quality of handmade products often exceeds the factory made ones. Plus the products have also extra bonus points to provide the buyers with the sense of acquiring something eccentric which evolves gracefully with age.

The land of Odisha is highly know for its skilled artisans and sculptures, and the Pattachitra style of painting is an another creation of those brilliant craftsman. In order to appreciate the art more we should know about it origin too right?This old tradition of Odia painting still survives in places like Puri, Raghurajpur, Paralakhemundi, Chikiti and Sonepur. Lord Jagannath in the present from is being taken as the origin of the Patta style. Artisans meticulously hand-paints sophisticated narrative from folklore to mythology onto specially prepared cloth canvases, using vibrant organic colors. Apart from it popularity among Odia people, it is saddening to witness several hurdles in its world wide growth.

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